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Commodore Vic 20 & C16/Plus4 retro games for sale

Welcome to the Commodore Vic 20 & C16/Plus4 retro computer game section of Retroscene.

Please feel free to browse our selection of classic Commodore Vic 20 & C16/Plus4 computer games that are for sale.

We have a mixture of fully boxed Commodore Vic 20 & C16/Plus4 retro video games complete with instructions, some boxed without instructions, and budget re-released games to suit most budgets.

If you are looking for certain Commodore Vic 20 & C16/Plus4 games that are not listed here, then check out the Retro Games Clearance section which has classic games for many formats at reduced prices.


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Zok's Kingdom - Commodore Vic20

Zok's Kingdom - Commodore Vic20

Game instructions are on the sleeve.

Platform: Commodore Vic20

Game Media: Tape

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