We buy games!

Contact us to sell your old games, consoles and computers.

Do you have any games, consoles or computers that you'd like to sell?

GREAT! Then drop an email to purchasing@retroscene.co.uk

We accept most retro game formats and offer a direct payment deal with payment being sent via Paypal, cheque, postal order or even cash.

What you need to do.

  • Preferably send over some pictures of what you have available, failing that a list will be sufficient.
  • Check your email regularly for a quotation from us. This price will include an additional estimated payment to help cover potential posting costs.
  • Let us know if you are happy to go ahead with the sale and wait for your payment to arrive.
  • Post us your items (the crucial part!)

Collection or delivery

Collection by us of your items is possible, but it depends on the size and value of the collection and of course your location.

Delivery by yourself is possible and we accept deliveries from Milton Keynes and Hemel Hempstead.

What happens to your stuff?

Well, first and foremost we are retro game collectors, so a lot of the items go into our personal collections. What quality items are left over go on sale on this website with anything else given to charity shops. In some cases items have to be thrown away, but thats quite painful for us so we avoid that as much as possible.

What has no value?

  • Copied disc or tape games
  • Tapes from magazines
  • Majority of 8bit budget/re-released games 

Should I make contact if I have some items of no value?

Yes indeed. We are happy to hear from anyone :-)

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